Approved NATO defense plans for Baltic States and Poland

НАТО утвердила оборонные планы для стран Балтии и Польши

The Alliance finally approved an updated defense plans of the Baltic States and Poland, after a compromise was reached with Turkey, which has blocked this decision.

On Tuesday this information was confirmed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius, writes postimees.

“At the moment we can say that the question has been practically agreed,” said the Minister.

First time the unit has approved the plan of defence of the Baltic States in 2010. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland are making them constantly updated.

In recent years, Turkey was the only country that refused to approve plans as long as without taking into account its interests. In the negotiations the most controversy was caused by the aspiration of Turkey to determine how terrorist groups operating in Northern Syria Kurdish militants who in the West are valued for the fight against the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (LIH).

At the NATO summit in December, the NATO Secretary General Yens Stoltenberg said that the leaders of the countries endorsed the updated plan for the defense of the Baltic States and Poland.

However, before it comes to be completed the formal procedures, and the Turks stopped them by putting forward their demands.

Linkevičius said that on Monday thanked the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey for its constructive approach, but declined to detail how it was possible to reach a compromise. “I do not intend to reveal specific details. In December last year, at the summit in London, it was a political decision, as was stated, but the negotiation continued, and this process will last as long as lasted,” said Linkevičius.

“The decision was made, and it is a successful solution with which we can congratulate each other that yesterday I did in dealing with his counterpart in Turkey,” the Minister said.

“Turkey has constructively participated in the process, as always, and always fundamentally protects their interests in all matters, this one is no exception. What happened, was not directed against the Baltic States or Lithuania, which has repeatedly emphasized, therefore it is not necessary to dramatize all this, the result is positive and we welcome it”, – said Linkevičius.