Apps banks make smartphones Galaxy S10 in black list in Samsung clarified the situation

Приложения банков вносят смартфоны Galaxy S10 в черный список: в Samsung прояснили ситуацию

Application banks in the UK began to bring in the black list of owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10. At this step the banks have gone after discovering problems with the fingerprint scanner.

Reports some banks have prohibited the owners of Galaxy S10 to download and use your apps from the Play Store. Other banned users to login with fingerprint.

What’s the matter?

Recently, it was reported that ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the Samsung Galaxy series S10 can be easily bypassed. It is enough, to on a smartphone was glued protective film.

After that two British Bank NatWest and Nationwide Building Society – imposed measures for the protection of users Galaxy. Thus, the NatWest app removed from the Play Store for owners of the Galaxy S10.

Another Bank Nationwide Building Society unselect the input fingerprint from the program.

That say the Samsung?

Techno 24 asked for comment by the press service of Samsung Electronics. There we explained that the problem with the fingerprint recognition occurs on the Galaxy screens which installed uncertified silicone protective film.

In some cases the problem was due to the fact that films of certain types of interfere with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that take three-dimensional patterns on the films for the fingerprints of the user and give the option to unlock the device, say Samsung Electronics.

How to fix the problem?

The company recommend that owners of Galaxy to use only certified protective film for the screen. Also they added that in the latest software upgrade this problem will be fixed. The update should be available in the near future. Therefore, users only need to update the software.

“We urge users not to ignore the installation of network upgrades and confirm them automatically download. And also to abandon the use of non-certified protective coating of the screen before the update, remove the old sensor data and to register the fingerprints again. After installation we ask you to ensure that the new “snapshot” of the fingerprint is scanned correctly and completely (including Central and lateral parts)”, – said the press service.

The company also provided a phone number– 0 800 502 000, – on which you can contact if having problems with downloading the updates.

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