April 25: what a holiday today – history and traditions

25 апреля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

All holidays in different countries and in the Orthodox Church this day..

International DNA Day

This day is celebrated to show that they recognize the importance of genetics and scientific achievements in this field. This day was chosen because, on 25 April 1953 published the results of a study of the structure of the DNA molecule in the journal Nature. So in this day hold a variety of special educational programs and scientific lectures and exhibitions in many countries.

Day daughter

There is mother’s day, son, father, and there are Day daughter. There is no information about its history, but it is known that the main aim of the day is to attract attention of society and state to the problems that have teenage girls. After all, they often need help in socialization, familiarity with the professions, psychological and legal assistance to overcome their problems.

World penguin day

This day encourages people to remember that you need to preserve the animal diversity on the planet and the diversity of individual regions and representatives. It is also important that the date just falls on the migratory patterns of penguins hatched and mating.

Great (Clean) Thursday Orthodox Christians

On this day people remember about a very important biblical event – the last supper. During it Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, showing them brotherly love and humility, and also established the rite of the Eucharist – Holy Communion.

Maundy Thursday

Orthodox holidays:

  • Holy week. Great Thursday. The Remembrance Of The Last Supper.
  • The monk Basil the Confessor, Bishop Parijskij.
  • Murom and the Belynichi Mother of God.
  • Continues Great post.

Basil Bathers

Actually Saint, whose memory is celebrated on this day, called Basil Pariiskii. In Russia Vasily was given the nickname Bathers, because the spring is hovering the earth. Sometimes even animated the earth, comparing it with the old woman in the bath. The sun has well warmed the soil, so you can expect a good harvest. Tried also today is careful to walk through the woods because the bear is already out of the den and hiding in the bushes.

Basil Bathers

Name day on this day

Basil, David, Ivan, Mary, Martha, Sergei.

25 апреля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

25 апреля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции

25 апреля: какой сегодня праздник - история и традиции