APU fighters took revenge on the invaders for sister: the “new load of 200 went to Russia”

Бойцы ВСУ отомстили оккупантам за побратима: "новый груз 200 поехал в РФ"

Power of OOS took revenge on the Russian occupation troops attack on a military vehicle near Katerinovka

This is stated in the traditional summary of the press center of the headquarters of the OOS.

It is reported that in the last days the enemy 8 times violated the ceasefire. Also recorded was the case of the use of weapons prohibited by the accords.

In Donetsk direction the invaders fired in the area several settlements: ATGM, grenade launchers and machine guns near Katerinovka; near Shirokino fired rocket-propelled grenades; small arms near Experienced and Nevel; in the area of Marinka opened fire a variety of grenade launchers and machine guns.

On Lugansk the direction the occupying forces, using heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades were fired at our positions near Stanytsia Luhanska and Yellow. As a result of criminal attacks killed Ukrainian soldier, and another four were injured. Forces OOS to suppress the enemy were forced to use weapons.

It is also noted that yesterday the soldiers of the Ukrainian army eliminated four of the occupants and five others were wounded. During the sniper duel, our military destroyed a Russian mercenary. In addition, the fighters managed to destroy the enemy BMP-1.

In the current days of the Russian occupation troops did not commit the attacks of positions of forces of OOS in the Donbas.

Previously, we reported that APU prepared for a possible attack from the air. Ukraine has strengthened the air defense in the Donbas and ready to repel an air attack of Russian troops. This reports the press service of the General staff of the APU in Facebook, referring to the commander of the joint forces, Lieutenant General Sergei Nueva

If the Russians will try to use his air force against the Ukrainian troops, they will suffer heavy losses. According to Serge Nueva, a strong resistance on the part of Ukraine Russia should lead in horror. “Pilots refuse to fly here,” said the commander of the United forces.

Бойцы ВСУ отомстили оккупантам за побратима: "новый груз 200 поехал в РФ"

Бойцы ВСУ отомстили оккупантам за побратима: "новый груз 200 поехал в РФ"