APU this year will receive the simulators Buk, s-300 and T-80 tanks

ВСУ в этом году получат тренажеры ЗРК "Бук", С-300 и танков Т-80

In 2020 the Armed forces of Ukraine will be equipped with training equipment by 60% against the current 40%.

“Will be purchased simulators for training operators and crews, for example, 2С6 “Tunguska” and the platoon as a whole. In particular, the training centre of the Air Forces will receive the multimedia systems s-300 and “Buk-M1″, training center of Voyenno-Naval Forces – exercise equipment T-80 tank and training center DSV – static simulators BMP”, – said the head of Department of combat training of Land forces – Deputy head of the combat training Directorate of training of VSU Vladislav Ponomarev.

According to him, currently the staffing base in fitness training centers of the armed forces is about 40% of the demand. Funding for 2020 will allow to increase this figure to 60%.

As noted, will also continue in the arrangement of the multifunction computer classes.

In General, the use of simulators and simulation tools makes it possible to practice more realistic scenarios of combat actions, which is sometimes impossible in the field. For exercises units of advanced simulation tools are used in combination with powerful computer systems.