Aquarius stopped

«Аквариус» остановили

Humanitarian organization “doctors without borders” and “Mediterranean SOS” refuse further exploitation of “Aquarius” — the most famous ship picks in the Mediterranean sea of illegal migrants.

The ship has two months can not go to sea — he had no flag, i.e. registration; against the owners opened a case of illegal dumping of waste in ports.

Human rights activists called the accusations against the ship and crew “attack, slander and absurd.”

Carlin Kleier, “Doctors without borders”:

“For us it’s a combination of factors, among which — the requirement of the Italian Prosecutor, the confiscation of the vessel, but also — the unsuccessful search of the flag. So that we no longer believe it is possible to continue to use the vehicle. But this does not mean that we abandon the search for the other ship.”

“Aquarius” has been at sea since February of 2016, along with other courts non-governmental organizations. However, their activities subsided after the agreements on migrants from Turkey and Libya, and after the failure of Italy to the ships of NGOs.

In the end, every trip of the vessel was completed a long search for a port willing to accept illegal immigrants. In one such flight on Board was our correspondent.

NGOs have accused them of unauthorized actions stimulate illegal migration, smuggling and trafficking, and undermine the efforts of the EU to normalize what is happening.

“Aquarius” has changed a few flags in Gibraltar and even Panama has revoked their license.

And in November, the Italian Prosecutor’s office accused the owners of illegal dumping in the port: it is the rum and other used medical supplies that could be infected with meningitis and HIV.

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