Arakhamia promised “Tr*hnuti” deputies: “the Servant of the people” explained a dramatic statement

Арахамия обещал ''тр*хнуть'' депутатов: в ''Слуге народа'' объяснили резкое заявление

The promise of the head of the parliamentary faction of “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya “Tr*hnuti” deputies who are trying to “protect” in the regions is a threat, not an offer.

This was stated by MP from the faction of SN Roksolana Pentasa in the “sensitive issue” on ObozTV. It endorsed a strong statement of the head of the faction, and explained that could mean Arakhamia the word “Tr*hnuti”.

“You know, I’m glad he said it,” admitted Pentasa.

“I hope that this does not apply to the faction “people’s Servants” and, in General, deputies of the 9th convocation… But that’s not isolated cases, when people come with “big land”, the deputies, and begin to try to “restore order” in the regions. On what basis? What are their powers? I have a lot of questions about it” – she explained his point of view.

Pentasa noted that MPs Arakhamia can influence by administrative methods.

One of the most severe punishment – expulsion from the faction. But each person can find an individual approach to individual punishment. For example, someone disciplinarum, if he will not be allowed to go on air. For someone it is important that his bills were submitted for vote to the hall. It is also the disciplinary methods that can be applied to the MPs, if they are not ethical acting”, – said the politician.

In her opinion, sometimes it is enough just to talk.

“I hope that members of the “Servants of the people” comes after the conversation, something to do,” added the MP.

On the remark of the leader that Arakhamia used a rather rude word, Pentasa explained: “He is very expressive”.

Previously, Arakhamia replied to a journalist’s question OBOZREVATEL, does the head of fraction a normal conversation about the division of the business in Krivoy Rog, which was attended by people’s Deputy from “Servants of the people,” former actor “Quarter 95” Yuri Kravchenko (“Yuzik”).

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