Arakhamia was a guest of “the battle of psychics”: the video evidence

Арахамия оказался гостем "Битвы экстрасенсов": видеодоказательство

The head of the “servant of the people” in Parliament, David Arakhamiya was filmed in the TV show “Battle of psychics” on TV channel STB. He participated in the program as a guest, not as a member with psychic abilities.

Video Arakhamiya in the “Battle of psychics” published online one of the participants of the show Anna Arjevanidze.

According to the rules of the test, the participant of the show was to find among several men in the hall of a millionaire. This millionaire was just Arakhamia, that the program was introduced as David brown. And the member that pointed it out, won the show.

A man with a big heart, with millions is You. And You are paid for what You help someone. I see Your help

– said the participant of the show, referring to Arakhamiya.

Then a future “servant of the people” said that he founded one of the largest volunteer funds in Ukraine.

“We have more than 400 million UAH were collected, and helped the army, the families of the victims. Indeed, the human psychic. If you helped someone one, and then someone else helped you, it is some law of the Universe”, – Arakhamiya told.

Watch the video Arakhamiya in the “Battle of psychics”:

Note that yesterday the Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky said that thanks to the TV show “Battle of psychics” have been solved many criminal cases. The Minister considers that the project is misinformation, because “here the person believes or does not believe.” The Borodyansky agreed with the journalist, the program does not say anywhere that this documentary or staged.

By the way, “battle of the psychics” aired on STB, where Borodyansky worked before he became a Minister.

Арахамия оказался гостем "Битвы экстрасенсов": видеодоказательство