Arakhamiya told how Putin is trying to “jump” from the meeting in the Normandy format

Арахамия рассказал, как Путин пытается "соскочить" со встречи в нормандском формате

The meeting of the leaders of the Normandy four (Ukraine, Germany, France, Russia) can take place before the end of this year. This was stated by the head of the faction “people’s Servant” David Arakhamiya in interview

“Until the finalization of the withdrawal (of forces in Donbas a couple of days. My prediction – until December 20, the meeting will happen,” – said the MP.

He noted that Russia is trying to delay this moment, but President Vladimir Zelensky constantly communicating with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French leader Emmanuel Macron, reminding them that Ukraine is fulfilling all its obligations.

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“Accordingly, the Russian will have a very bad position if they refuse it is not clear why. They tried to include the gas (in the process of negotiations on the Donbass, – and any way to avoid this process. But I think they will break the resistance,” concluded Arakhamia.

Also the head of the faction added, “even if the Russians come off”, it will be a serious basis for extension or strengthening of the sanctions that “will still be a victory.”

“Not going to happen (meeting – everyone will know who. Rather, everyone can see for someone. For us it is still the strengthening of the position. It’s better than it is now. When most of the civilized world thinks we sabotage the agreement, it does not add reliability to us in the negotiations. If everyone can see that it makes Russia, it gives us reason to be reformatted differently. If not Normandy format, then let’s expand and bring Britain and the USA”, – said the Deputy.

According to him, other order negotiations can be arranged with the involvement of more partners with a stronger position of Ukraine, but it takes three to four years to accumulate the resource – military, diplomatic, economic.

Petrovsky have ended the active phase of the withdrawal of troops – the headquarters of the environmental protection

According to the press Secretary of the representative Leonid Kuchma Daria olifer, the last step in this direction was the cultivation of forces in the Golden, Petrovsky and the village of Lugansk.