Arbour V. I. P. 6 issue. Destroying stereotypes

Беседка V.I.P. 6 выпуск. Разрушаем стереотипы

In the new edition of the guest was a famous architect and a successful life coach Andrei Protasenya. With him was a very meaningful conversation on the topic of stereotypes, which will be of interest to anyone looking for additional motivation, in search of himself. But, of course, is to pay tribute and sense of humor of the protagonist. You will learn:

– What happens to a person after 40 years.

– Can ruin a person a lot of money.

– Why do parents think that it is always “right”.

– How he brings up his children successful person.

– What has more influence on success than skills and knowledge.

And much more.

Experts of issue:

Media expert – Ser Zhi.

Stylist – Anna NeuNet.

Sexologist, psychologist Marina Vixena.

Poet – Mila Klets.