Archaeologists have found an ancient Egyptian mummy with two heads

The remains consisted of part of a child’s body and head of a crocodile.

Археологи нашли древнюю египетскую мумию с двумя головами

The Turkish government recently allowed shooting only mummies stored at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace. Ancient Egyptian mummy with two heads, archaeologists found in one of the tombs. The mummy was brought from Egypt to Turkey during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz in the mid-19th century. It was kept in the Yildiz Palace in Istanbul, which at that time was the official residence of the Sultan until Abdulhamid II ordered to move her to Topkapi Palace.

For a long time access to unusual the mummy was closed, in contrast to the six other items that are stored in the Istanbul archaeological Museum.

According to Turkish experts, the mummy, Topkapi consists of a head unknown ancient Egyptian Princess and head and torso of Nile reptiles.

Археологи нашли древнюю египетскую мумию с двумя головами

Legend has it that a Princess of Egypt was killed by a reptile in the river, and the ruler of the time decided to merge both bodies believing that a child like this can have life in the afterlife.

Turkish historian Ibrahim Dr. hakkı Kangala in the middle of the last century wrote a story about a mummy. He told me that the residents of Yildiz Palace one night was frightened when he heard a knock coming from the sugar store of the Palace complex, and in the morning the servants found there the head of a crocodile.

So the servant Haci Suleyman decided to take revenge on court pastry for refusing to treat him. On that terrible night Haji Suleiman said all that can get rid of the mummy, but only if you give him the candy he wants. The administration of the Palace agreed, and Haji Suleiman just took the head, which he put on the sugar bags, and put it back to the body of the mummy, which was stored in the crypt.

According to the historian, Haji Suleiman received candy, and the mummy was transported to another place, to the inhabitants of the Palace could live peacefully.

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