Archaeologists have found burials of creepy children (video)

Археологи нашли жуткие захоронения детей (видео)

In Poland, archaeologists have found the remains of children during the exploration of a mass grave of 16th-17th centuries. The children were buried with coins in their mouth. Relevant photos and videos posted on Facebook page “Arkadia Firma Archeologiczna”.

Last year workers during the construction of the road found some human remains. Later, conducting excavations in the place archaeologists have found 115 phone About 70-80% of all burials were children, many of them were buried with coins in their mouth.

According to archaeologists, this custom derives from the ancient pre-Christian traditions under the name of the Obol of Charon. This practice is associated with the ancient Greeks and Romans. People used to give a kind of fee or a bribe to Charon, which was carrying the soul of the deceased across the river that separates the world of the living and the dead.

Most of the coins found in the mouth of children, dates from the reign of Sigismund III Vasa, who was king of Poland between 1587 and 1632 years. Were also found coins of the reign of John II Casimir waza, who was king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1648 to 1668 year.

Archaeologists are engaged in figuring out what this place was before.

We know from sources that during the visit of the bishops of kraków in 1604 in these places, there was already a large parish Church with a garden, rectory, school and cemetery.

Earlier we wrote about what was found a ritual burial of the Neanderthals, the similarity of the grave with the headstone and the remains of ancient man about 70 thousand years.