Archaeologists have unearthed the horrifying “burial of the vampires” in Italy

Important archaeological finds were made in the children’s cemetery.

Археологи раскопали ужасающие «захоронения вампиров» в Италии

Cemetery La Necropoli dei Bambini in Italy is located on the territory of the former Roman Empire. The last burial made it no later than mid-5th century, according to scientists. In those days, Europe was swept by a wave of malaria that killed many children and infants. A strong belief of the inhabitants in the existence of magic and supernatural forces settled in their minds the idea that children pick up the dark spirits that then they are to be reborn, to rise again. Later similar phenomena scientists were called vampirism.

Archaeologists from the University of Arizona and Stanford University were shocked by the horrific methods of dealing with local so-called “vampires.” Excavations have shown that the children put in the mouth of the stones, their hands were tied stones in the grave put crow’s claws, toad bones, bronze cauldrons with the ashes and the bodies of the puppies. These methods were supposed to prevent further raising of children-“vampires” who could take on “the light” more and more people. Scientists are asked not to worry and assure that the danger of the return of malaria epidemics their excavations will not create.

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