Archbishop ptsu Clement was detained in Simferopol (updated)

Архиепископа ПЦУ Климента задержали в Симферополе (обновлено)

He planned to visit the court in the case of the political prisoner Pavel Mushroom in Rostov-on-don.

Russian police detained the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine of Rome. The detention occurred at the bus station of Simferopol March 3. This is the website

“The last information about him is that he’s taken to the Kyiv district police Department”, – is spoken in the message.

Archbishop Kliment, the Chairman of the Orthodox mission of assistance to victims of violations of human rights and persons deprived of their liberty, had planned to visit the court in the case of the political prisoner Pavel Mushroom in Rostov-on-don.

As of 12:15 on the Kiev time of communication with the detainees there.

Update 15:20. Archbishop Clement was detained, allegedly to question him about the theft at his Church. About this, the Archbishop told BBC News Ukraine on the phone.

The Archbishop said that you were supposed to leave in 13 hours from the Central bus station of Simferopol on the trial of Paul Mushroom in Rostov-on-don.

“On Tuesday, given that there is a judgment that I can visit Paul’s Mushroom in jail, his communion and profess. But after I boarded the bus, approached the police from the duty of the bus terminal, asked me to leave the bus. The bus had searched my things “, – said the Bishop.

Already the duty of the bus station started to figure out his identity, called the police and sent to the Central regional Department.

“20 minutes later came the duty of the police Department and said that I was waiting for the investigator, as I received a call from an unknown man, who said he robbed a Church in Simferopol on Sevastopolskaya street. That is, according to their logic, someone called and said that stole my Church,” – said the Archbishop.

The Lord said that his calls are not received and, according to him, the Church didn’t steal anything.

He now waits for the lawyer and the investigator and does not imply what the outcome of this situation.

The Lord connects the events with the intentions of the authorities of the annexed Crimea to close the main Church of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, acting on the territory of the Peninsula.

According to him, we are talking about the warrants with the requirement to vacate the premises of the Church of saints Vladimir and Olga in Simferopol, who came from so-called “Ministry of property and land relations” of the Crimea. It was the main Church of the UOC-KP on the Peninsula, which after the establishment of the PCU has moved into her submission.

It is located in a building that previously belonged to military school. At the time, the UOC-KP have concluded the contract on space rent for 49 years for a nominal rent of one hryvnia per year.