Architecture AMD Zen 3 will offer up to four threads per core

Архитектура AMD Zen 3 предложит до четырех потоков на одно ядро

In recent days, actively discussed the characteristics of the 7-nm processors AMD Ryzen 3000 family of Matisse, which will soon offer architecture Zen 2. Existing engineering samples, according to unofficial sources, is able to offer up to 16 cores and frequencies above 4.0 GHz, but mentioned dwenadzatiperstnuu processor with a higher frequency limit. When the sample processor for the first time Matisse was exhibited by Lisa su (Lisa Su) at the January CES, 2019, the head of AMD confirmed that future models can obtain more than eight cores, but specific numbers are not mentioned.

To raise the degree of emotional tension came from the popular channel RedGamingTech, who explained several of the technical features of not only the processors with the architecture of Zen 2, but their successors with the architecture Zen 3. Recently the head of AMD confirmed that the company has managed to make significant progress in the development of Zen 3, therefore, we cannot exclude that some details about the respective processors are already known.

We emphasize that all voiced by RedGamingTech channel is based on hearsay, and therefore be accepted by faith can with considerable reservations. Here are the main revelations that have been made in another news release this source:

  • Matisse processor with twelve cores will dynamically increase the frequency to 5.0 GHz. How many cores will remain active, is not specified.
  • Architecture AMD Zen 3 will allow to create processors that can handle up to four threads per core. This opportunity is not given to all models. The source suggests that the maximum number of threads per core will offer server processors EPYC generation Milan, for the consumer models, the number of threads per core will be reduced to two or three. Four threads on one core already supported IBM server processors and accelerators computing Intel Xeon Phi, so the idea is not new.
  • Volume cache of the first level is proposed to increase to increase efficiency of processing of the core four threads simultaneously.
  • In light of the emergence of the 7-nm processors AMD Ryzen with 12 and 16 cores the question is, whether the timing of the announcement of processors Ryzen Threadripper the third generation. Their predecessors are already offering up to 32 cores, further increasing their numbers in the consumer sector is not so important, so long as AMD is thinking about the strategy of promoting a new generation of Ryzen Threadripper on the market.
  • Processors with Zen architecture 3 after the adaptation to the needs of Microsoft can register in the game console Xbox next generation. Developer kits, if you believe the rumors already beginning to spread, and it allows you to confirm the availability of support for three streams per core, at least.
  • The AMD processors with Zen architecture can get 3 and the cache memory of the fourth level 1 Gbyte, which will be integrated as a separate layer. Recently, on the spatial arrangement of heterogeneous processors, said Intel, but AMD such ideas too long been nurturing.