Aretha Franklin: love

Арета Франклин: народная любовь

The last performance of Aretha Franklin in public was held in new York on 7 November 2017. Even then, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The singer decided to leave the scene.

A few days before his death, the singer, predchuvstvuyu inevitable, said goodbye to friends and family.

“Queen of soul” died in Detroit August 16, 2018 at the age of 76 years.

My condolences in the passing of the singer expressed by many artists.

British singer Elton John called her “the greatest soul singer of all time”. According to Celine Dion, Franklin was “the most soulful singer of our time.” Barbra Streisand complained that no Aretha “it’s hard to imagine the world”.

Paul McCartney called Franklin is not only the “Queen of soul” and “Queen of our souls”, for years, inspired many musicians.

“Aretha was such a timeless inspiration for me and many others, the unsurpassed Queen, thank you for the gift of your voice, your music and unwavering soul,” he wrote on Twitter, Christina Aguilera.

But the tragedy of the death of the singer was for her fans:

Such as it is beyond the scope of the genre. Yes, she was the Queen of soul, no doubt, but she outgrew it, so to speak. She popularized. Her voice is soul

Her voice is timeless. You can listen to it at home, with a girl with kids, you can include her songs at the party with friends and everyone will sing along, hearing her voice. This is priceless, her voice immortal. Would like to see such things in our lives were more“.

Three of the President of the United States decided to Express their condolences in connection with the departure of the singer. Barack Obama, at the inauguration of which Franklin spoke and was a friend of his family, said that “the gift of her music will inspire us all.” Donald trump called her “a great woman” and bill Clinton said that the songs of Franklin “was an important part of the” life of his family.

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