“Arkana resting”: the Auto was left in awe of Dongfeng ix5

«Arkana отдыхает»: Автоэксперт остался в восторге от Dongfeng ix5

The Chinese auto industry never ceases to surprise. Presented new crossover Dongfeng ix5 Fengon, which shows that the French with their Renault Arkana can learn from the Chinese.

Author and host of popular Youtube channel Click on Life Michael Koldaev visited the Chinese motor show, and closely estimated the crossover Dongfeng ix5 Fengon, being like, “Arkana rest”, – the expert believes.

Stylish, precise, muscular, aggressive design gives the crossover a special charm and representativeness. The concept of Fengon were presented last year. This year’s car is already on sale in China, and are willing to buy it. In particular, the present sample has already run 6.18 thousand in km.

Wheels 21 inch, 4.7 m length, comfortable, spacious interior, 2-liter turbo 200 HP with torque of 350 Nm, 6-speed automatic transmission, and much more – all this in China in terms of “Russian money” at the price of 1.5 million rubles. Do you like it? Whether for the money to go to the “Arcana,” which the French are very proud of and predicting their new “big future”?

Deserves special attention salon. Dongfeng did not skimp on the finish and ergonomics. The seats are comfortable, with proper support and protection. To trim used leather, Alcantara original (not cheap material), expensive high-quality plastic with a texture that is at first sight difficult to distinguish from the skin. The gearshift lever is more like a interesting small joystick with a button.

“Fully loaded,” electronics – a traditional strong point of the Chinese, however, Dongfeng ix5 Fengon all looks appropriate, reliable, high quality, technologically, the two words “impressive and promising”.

At the end of his review, Michael Koldaev expressed the wish to quickly see “Donfeng” in Russia.

«Arkana отдыхает»: Автоэксперт остался в восторге от Dongfeng ix5

«Arkana отдыхает»: Автоэксперт остался в восторге от Dongfeng ix5