Armed conflict on the border of India and China to be war?

Вооруженный конфликт на границе Индии и Китая - быть войне?

China accuses India of deliberate provocation.

China and India have exchanged mutual accusations after the armed conflict in the disputed border region in the Himalayas. In a shootout between Indian and Chinese military losses suffered by both sides.

On Saturday, the government of India has accused China of alleged intentions to build facilities for so-called line of actual control which demarcates this disputed border area. Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi has promised not to allow any unilateral changes on the disputed border.

For its part, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China accused the soldiers in India allegedly deliberate provocations in the border area.

Relations between China and India escalated at the end of April after the invasion of the Chinese military in the disputed territory. The territorial dispute between China and India continues since 1947. In 1962, between the countries there was a border war in which China gained control of territory near Tibet.

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