Arrested hiding COP killer

Задержали прятавшегося убийцу полицейского

The attacker faces up to 10 years behind bars

In Kirovohrad oblast, was detained 22-the summer inhabitant of Gostomel, Kyiv region.

It is suspected of causing a fatal blow to the local police officer Vyshgorod police division GUNP in the Kiev region 22-year-old Michael Bachevo.

Police officer vacationing with friends in a cafe in the village Demidov, when there was a fight. He rushed to break it up and got hit in the head. The next day he died, reported the press service of the police region.

“Realizing the gravity of his action, the attacker turned off the cell phone, stopped to chat with family, friends, and disappeared from sight. In absentia, he was charged with suspicion of committing a crime and issued an order to search for approximate data. 17 days the man was hoping to avoid liability, not suspecting that the police has already established the location of his cache,” he told police, soobshaet

For bodily injuries that caused the death, the attacker faces up to 10 years behind bars.

The fight in the Demidov took place on March 24. A police blow to the head and lost consciousness. It was examined the doctors, and friends drove to the Dorm where he lived. The next day, stopped answering phone calls. At home he was found almost no signs of life. The paramedics nothing could be done. At the conclusion of the forensic examination, the cause of death was brain edema, hemorrhage, intracranial trauma, damage resulting from contact with a blunt object.