Arrived. Ukrzaliznytsya wants to increase the basic commercial rate 3.4 times to “go to zero”

Приехали. Укрзализныця хочет повысить базовый "грузовой" тариф в 3,4 раза, чтобы "выйти в ноль"

To restore fixed assets OUSE tariff for transportation is necessary to increase 3.4 times.

This opinion was expressed by Director of Economics and finances of the company Andrey Ryazantsev.

To restore the fixed assets of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” to raise the base rate by at least 3.4 times.

This will allow the company to reach “zero”, stated in an interview with GMK Director of the Center for Economics and Finance UZ Andrey Ryazantsev, reports DTN.

“The charges are calculated by the classic formula of recovery of fixed assets used in the production process. Then the calculation includes all costs that must be incurred, the railroad operated to the extent necessary. And it is about 20 thousand kilometers of Railways and about 1.9 thousand locomotives. And to resume at least these basic tools for normative period of exploitation, which ranges from 19 to 25 years depending on the type of asset to work at least zero, the ratio to the current tariff should be 3,4,” said Ryazantsev.

According to him, the cost of transport should not depend on the type of cargo, which BONDS holds the convergence of tariffs for different classes of goods. Likewise, the company insist on the unification of empty run.

“The next step, given the devaluation processes and the rising cost of products and manufacturers, we offer this rate to be indexed to the price index of industrial producers. Because it is the components of our cost. If the increased price of metal, it has an impact on the cost of services “Ukrzaliznytsi”. Because the railway is a major consumer of steel products,” said Ryazantsev.

According to him, without the necessary investment in fixed assets, in particular in the repair route, Ukrzaliznytsia will not be able to increase the performance of transport even in the case of the introduction of private traction and renovation of the locomotive fleet.

“If (private – ed.) thrust to penetrate through two or three years, and the process of tariff setting in the Railways will remain the same, that three years will be a huge number of locomotives, but by the time sectional speed on the highways is such that it is unlikely that these locomotives will be able to improve the performance of transport in the whole country,” – said the representative of the UZ.

According to him, today 50% of the railway tracks belonging to the “Ukrzaliznytsia”, accounts for only 1% of freight, and 53% of the stations overload less than 3% of the total cargo volume.