Arsenal harshly criticized UEFA for the Europa League final in Baku

"Арсенал" жестко раскритиковал УЕФА за финал Лиги Европы в Баку

Arsenal made a critical statement about the Europa League final, which will be held in the Azerbaijani capital Baku.

UEFA may give Arsenal, who in the final game will play against Chelsea, only 6 thousand tickets.

“Everyone at Arsenal are happy to reach the final of the Europa League, we look forward to a match with “Chelsea” on Wednesday, may 29. However, we are extremely disappointed by the fact that due to transport restrictions may UEFA give Arsenal a maximum of 6,000 tickets for the stadium with a capacity of over 60,000 people. Time will tell whether it will be possible for 6,000 Arsenal fans to attend the match, given the extremely difficult journey.

We have 45 thousand season ticket holders, and miss match such a number of fans because UEFA chose the venue of the finals with such limited transport services, just plain wrong. The reality is that any club that was in the final, could not meet the demand from their fans.

We have received many complaints from our fans about this and fully share their concerns. On behalf of our fans we would like to understand the criteria by which locations are selected for the finals, as well as in this context, the expectations of the fans.

We urge UEFA to consider the logistics and the wishes of the fans in any future decisions regarding the selection of places for the finals, because what happened this season is unacceptable and must not be repeated. We will be happy to join any future discussions to avoid repetition of such situation”, – said in a statement on the website of “Arsenal”.

The final match of the Europa League against Chelsea may miss not only the English fans, but the player Arsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The player likely will not play in the final due to the political conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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