“Arsenal-Kiev” sensationally defeated “Gum” in the championship of Ukraine: video

"Арсенал-Киев" сенсационно победил "Десну" в чемпионате Украины: видео

“Arsenal Kyiv” in the framework of the 26th round of the championship of Ukraine won unexpectedly Chernihiv “Desna” in Kiev. Arsenal had the two goals to overcome Chernigov.

Arsenal-Kiev Desna 2:0
Goals: Avagimyan, 11, Orekhov, 27 (foams.)

In the twenty-sixth round of the championship of Ukraine met two teams that are at opposite poles in the standings of group departure. “Desna” holds the first place and almost guaranteed to preserve residence in the Premier League. At the same time, “Arsenal-Kiev” trying to get up from the bottom of the standings. The gunners in 2019 won three matches and caught up with “Chernomorets”, as well as getting to the “Carpathians”.

In the first half, the team of Igor Leonov demonstrated that for them the three points much more important than for “Gums”. In the 11th minute of the game managed to open Avagimyana. Midfielder amazing goal with his head locked shed Kalitvintsev has. In the middle of the half, the hosts secured success. Jaba lipartia won a penalty, which confidently performed Orekhov – 2:0.

In the second half, “Desna” failed to return to the game and expect to comeback. The players of Dynamo played very confidently and did not let the guests from Chernigov to create chances.

At the same time, their attacks held “Arsenal-Kiev”. Early in the second half we could have scored Kalitvintsev. Lipartia perfectly paid the penalty on Vladislav, who immediately struck, but saved by the Lithuanian partners. Your time had and Lipartia. Osman hung directly on the leg Lipartia in the penalty area but the shot Georgians failed.

“Arsenal-Kiev” has managed to keep the score and get an important victory. After this game, the people of Kiev rose to fifth place, which provides transitional match with the team of the First League for the right to play in the Premier League. “Desna” holds the first place in the group departure.

Arsenal-Kiev Desna video of the match

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