Arshavin for the first time in five years, visited children from Baranovskaya

Аршавин впервые за пять лет навестил детей от Барановской

Andrey Arshavin has shared in his instagram a photo where he is pictured with his two sons from Yulia Baranovskaya.

In the photo, which appeared in the microblog of the former players, he spends time in the company of children in some cafes. The photo of Artem and Arseny Arshavin was signed simply: “My clones”. Some subscribers were happy for the athlete, but many have commented on the post with skepticism – after all, Arshavin has met children for the first time in five years.

Our office we believe that Arshavin is not the best husband and father, but it is good that he finally drew the children’s attention. Recall that civil marriage Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya has existed for nine years. The woman bore her husband three children, two sons and daughter, but despite this, their Alliance fell apart. Recently, Baranovskaya, after parting with her husband who started his career on television, has released an autobiographical book in which he told about the cruelty of the former chosen in relation to it. In addition, she has repeatedly said that Andrew was a bad father and does not want to see his children.