Arshavin told about his attitude to his first wife

Аршавин рассказал о своем отношении к первой жене

Recently, the former footballer met his children from his first marriage. However, normal relations with the first wife he never recovered.

We will remind that Andrey Arshavin and Julia Baranovskaya broke up in 2013, and the player has left the civil wife with three children. For many years the midfielder did not communicate with the heirs. Relationship with them, he restored only in 2019, after a breakup with his second wife, Alice Catimini.

But with Yulia Arshavin, according to him, prefers not to talk, especially because you don’t have to – the kids are grown, and to negotiate with them about the meeting, he can directly. Ex-football player admitted that over the past seven years, he saw the Baranovskaya only once.

Arshavin admitted that hates Baranovskaya reminds of the video, which Arshavin contact with his three older children, provoked a strong negative reaction from his ex-mother-in-law, mother Alice. She appeared in the comments to the video and stated that the athlete actually threw both of their families.

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