Artem Dalakian Heber Perez: the announcement of the championship fight which will be held in Kiev

On 8 February in Kiev will host the match between world champion under version WBA in the limit the second the very light weight (up to 52,2 kg) Artem Dalkena and boxer from Venezuela Hasbara Peres.

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The match will be the main event Saturday night of Boxing that will take place in Parkovy center. The beginning of the battle will be about 21:00, Kyiv time.

Heber Perez on a professional ring has spent 19 fights, at 17, he won 12 times did it ahead of schedule, has twice suffered defeat. As for failures, the first failure he had in the very beginning of his career, he lost to newcomer Carlos Moreno, then spent another 1 fight and wasn’t fighting anymore. This fiasco can be blamed on inexperience, “lucky punch” and the young age (Peres then was 21). The second defeat he suffered in July 2019 against the only serious contender for all professional performances. It was a meeting with the Colombian Robert Barrera. A competitive match ended in victory for Barrera by unanimous decision. It is worth noting that this fight was held at the home of the winner and all 3 judges were the representatives of Colombia.

As for the technical features of the enemy, it is worth noting its powerful impact. Winning his last 7 fights he finished ahead of schedule. The growth of the fighters will be almost the same, the Challenger just one centimeter above 165 cm.

Dalakan greatly superior in Boxing skill. In Perez, unlike Artem, is no Amateur career.

Artem – the world champion under version WBA. He won the title 2 years ago, since then, has held 3 successful defense of his title and give it not going. His last fight he held in June 2019, when a 10 round knockout over Thai Sarasota Thornham. The biggest danger for Dalakian is a possible underestimation of the opponent, however, the Ukrainian Armenians involved in Boxing for almost 20 years and is unlikely to allow such a mistake.

For quotes Boxing champion is the clear favorite. Factor in his victory is 1.1, the odds of winning bidder much smaller and in the case of successful bids, the amount will increase 7 times. Quotes on the draw are 1 to 25.

Dalakan needs to win and with the big share of probability will make it ahead of time, so expect bright knockout.