Artificial intelligence has played five professional poker players

Искусственный интеллект обыграл пятерых профессиональных игроков в покер

American scientists have created a program Pluribus, which managed to beat in Texas hold’em five professional players “sitting” with them at the poker table. According to the researchers, creating own strategy, artificial intelligence has developed several techniques that can later affect the game professionals, according to Naked science.

In 2017, the creators of Pluribus has already presented the program Libratus, who beat four professional poker players and won two million dollars. however, they decided not to stop and created a more advanced version of artificial intelligence.

The authors Pluribus equipped it “abstract” and “abstract information” – so the program was able to drop the excess options for further moves and leave only those that are required for decision-making. During the tests Pluribus, using the method of self-education and a system of “minimizing regrets” (when the program minimizes the difference between the decision and the optimal strategy), fought poker with five of his copies, initially playing at random. Subsequently, AI has learned to analyze the moves and understand what actions and with what probability will lead to winning the game.

The main part of the experiment took place with the participation of one poker player and five versions of the program or five players and one AI. The game was attended by five Champions of poker, each of which in the past has won over a million dollars. As a result, the program more than ten thousand times defeated all the best players and won half a million dollars.

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