Artificial intelligence will help to treat cancer – 24 Channel

Штучний інтелект допоможе лікувати рак - 24 Канал

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of all kinds of computers and software IBM will use its Watson artificial intelligence to fight against cancer.

The company announced a permanent partnership in this area with the Department of veterans Affairs the United States, according Messgaes.

The developers of artificial intelligence and experts of the us Department will work together to analyze samples of the tumor and to look for mutations in the cancer genome.

Thanks to the collected information doctors will be better able to navigate the specific drugs and treatments to fight cancer.

It’s incredibly difficult to read, understand and stay aware of the breadth and depth of medical literature and to associate the knowledge with the relevant mutations for personalized cancer methods. Artificial intelligence could play an important role in the accurate scaling of Oncology,
– said the chief sanitary doctor IBM Watson Health q Ri.

IBM Watson taught for 2 years in the Oncology departments of more than 20 institutions, and the first results showed that he made decisions that are consistent with the assumption of scientists and physicians. Now Watson is superior to human intelligence in the collection and processing of data.


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