Artificial intelligence will monitor the land in Ukraine

Искусственный интеллект будет мониторить земельные угодья в Украине

Earth Observing System (EOS) announces a new platform that allows you to monitor the land and their condition through the analysis of satellite data, combining them with the data “from the field”.

This is stated in a press release, the company reports Agroportal.

It is noted that the development combines a powerful set of tools for production and analysis of agricultural sector as well as IT teams involved in this field.

“The solution easily integrates into any business process and provides comprehensive information about the state of crops in any territory”, – stated in the message.

The developers note that the new software product combines the advanced algorithms of the analysis fields using indices of vegetation, as well as historical data.

EOS Crop Monitoring Tool continuously updating meteorological information from an early forecast, which takes into account precipitation, air temperature, humidity, wind speed, and snow depth.

“EOS Crop Monitoring Tool will allow you to monitor any changes in the fields and carry out online monitoring of planting of new crops and their ripening. With it, farmers can optimize its operation and maintenance costs of the fields, and to identify key areas for development,” said sales Director Alexander Sacal.

One of the main advantages EOS Crop Monitoring, the company notes, is easy integration. The solution can easily be combined with any other programs and applications for farmers.

Earth Observing System (EOS) is an international company that offers an automated GIS analysts, combining information from satellite images and spatial data. The company’s main office is set in Menlo Park, California.

Искусственный интеллект будет мониторить земельные угодья в Украине