Artificial intelligence won in Dota 2 over the current world Champions

Искусственный интеллект одержал победу в Dota 2 над действующими чемпионами мира

Last year at the world tournament in the Dota 2 professional players could defeat a team self-learning bots, thereby postponing the inevitable destruction of mankind. However, early to rejoice – since that time, artificial intelligence has become so good that recently, still won pitiful fellows.

Saturday AI-team OpenAI Five with the score 2:0 defeated the current world Champions of Dota 2 – team OG, who took first place in the main event of The International 2018. The first match was almost equal to that planted a seed of hope. However, the second bots seriously pulled ahead in the early stages of the game and didn’t let go of the advantage until the very end.

To lose to a car this time was not ashamed. According to the Chairman of the company OpenAI Greg Brockman (Brockman Greg), team virtual Cyberathlete played 45 thousand years of game time in just 10 months. During each match OpenAI Five learned to adapt to the constantly changing tactics of their opponents.

Note that the artificial intelligence from the OpenAI – universal, meaning that it was created specifically for Dota 2. Developers want to adapt it for various applications. Game from Valve has become a test ground for running technology.

Maybe the Savior of the human civilization will be just you and your friends from 18 April to play against the OpenAI, anyone can. It’s enough to register here. Among the game modes is the classic battle 5 on 5, battle 1 on 1 and co-op.

Recall that the first OpenAI presented at The International 2017, where he badly defeated in a duel one of the best players in Dota 2Danil Ishutin, also known as Dendi.

Below is a recording of both matches vs OG OpenAI Five.

Искусственный интеллект одержал победу в Dota 2 над действующими чемпионами мира