“Artificial problem”: the Ukrainians were tired of coronavirus and often ignore quarantine – media (video)

"Искусственная проблема": украинцы устали от коронавируса и все чаще игнорируют карантин - СМИ (видео)

One of the favorite places of Kiev is now crowded, people don’t respect the distance and not wear masks.

The Ukrainians say about the “artificiality” of the problem coronavirus and often ignore quarantine requirements, even though the epidemic is getting worse.

This is stated in the story TSN. It is noted that this week was recorded the world record of the incidence of COVID-19. During the day, ill a quarter of a million people. In Ukraine, patients have to 48.5 thousand Europe began to close on quarantine of the city. In the “red zone” and Ukraine.

However, the majority of Ukrainians this summer will be relaxing at home, ignoring quarantine regulations. So, one of the favorite places of Kiev on Park bridge, there are no distances, masks or gloves. Kiev openly ignore the rules of protection, despite the fact that Kiev is now the leader in the number of patients.

“Artificially artificially created problem, you know? Tired of all the disgusting,” says the woman.

“Died from a stroke, and put a coronavirus. All without masks, go to metro one all down through those masks where not to go, all without masks, in a cafe, no masks, no distance, what is this?” – adds another passerby.

In many cities due to the spread of the disease this week was not allowed to work after 10pm. The Kiev government has strengthened the epidemiological activities. After 22:00 all places of entertainment to work do not have the right, but the ban is ignored. The sidewalks are filled with people, open terraces also. That institution plans to close, not like nothing.

Celebrations in night clubs in full swing. In the night of Saturday in the capital stay in a forbidden time ended with a shooting and a massacre.

Also this week, after a long period of 111 days, the Ukrainians were allowed to visit the cinemas. Allow couples to sit together. Tickets are not expensive. But almost empty hall. For the first day of work in one of the capital’s cinemas have come in just a hundred spectators, I took in six times more.

Doctors also warn that in the pursuit of emotions to relax. In connection with the increase in the number of patients in the regions began to expand the hospital the second and third waves. The incidence rate rose to 58 per 100 thousand population. Limit the total closure of all 60 patients. This means that Ukraine is one step from the repeated house arrest for the entire state.

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