As a “Boring company” Elon musk is changing the world and the future

Як «Нудна компанія» Ілона Маска змінює світ і майбутнє

Implementation of at least part of the plans and ambitious goals, the Mask is able to carry out a technological revolution in the world

On average, each American resident of Los Angeles spends on the way to work about an hour daily. Similar situation – and in San Francisco, new York, Washington and many other US cities. Find similar calculations in Kiev failed, but subjectively it seems that the capital of Ukraine, at least in the question of the duration of daily journey to workplace is on the level with the United States, writes V.

Thus, within a year of human life falls about a week. If in modern cities exist efficient methods for the movement of large numbers of people, this time could be used more usefully than on the road.

Such was the logic of the famous innovator billionaire Elon musk, when he came up with his “Drilling company”.

Як «Нудна компанія» Ілона Маска змінює світ і майбутнє

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Indeed, at a time when the visual field around the world increasingly fills the 3D, the movement of the main cities is still done in 2D. Although some cities have built on their territory or Vice versa subway – elevated railroad-road junctions, yet most movements are carried out on the surface. The constant increase of the population, while decreasing the amount of available space creates significant problems for the expansion of road infrastructure, especially in densely populated regions of the world. To circumvent this problem is possible only in two ways: lifting the sky or sinking under the earth.

According to Elon musk, the founder of “Tesla” and “SpaceX”, a small private flying machine, though, and have great potential for development, is still very dependent on weather conditions, noisy and distract those who are under them. Besides, the accident of such vehicles can be very dangerous not only for passengers but also for others. Therefore, the Mask with his usual ease of mind outlined a huge project, can radically change the logistics on the planet: system of underground tunnels that can eventually replace not only the metro, but almost all public transport.

The idea of the Mask, as always, very simple. If the surface of the earth is less space, then why not start to move inland? Moreover, in this case, there is virtually no limit to the number of tiers, no matter what the weather, noise and, finally, the need to divide people barriers and lines, as do the motorway. Flying cars boast similar advantages can’t.

However, on the way Mask has the problem that gets in the way all those involved in underground works: the price. Now to dig tunnels is very expensive. Some particularly difficult sections cost the builders more than $ 400 million for 1 km. to really establish a wide network of tunnels, their price, the build needs to fall at least ten times.

Anyone who at this stage would have rejected the idea, because a tenfold reduction in the cost of such a complex process in a short period is impossible. However, not Elon musk. He once already did a similar trick with space rockets, adesivi run times within just a few years.

To achieve the desired price, engineers Mask suggested three main steps: reduce the diameter of the tunnel, to achieve complete automation and to significantly increase the speed of the car at the strip with a few technical know-how.

Як «Нудна компанія» Ілона Маска змінює світ і майбутнє



Although at first glance the idea of a Mask seems very similar to the old metro, in fact, these two types of transport differ. The original concept was focused on moving underground tunnels a special high-speed electric platforms located on the private cars. Such underground electric ferry. However, recently it was announced about the change of the concept. Now priority will be given to pedestrians and cyclists. “We will continue to carry cars, but only after we can meet all the needs of public transport. It is a matter of courtesy and justice. If someone can’t afford a car has to be first in line,” wrote Musk in March on his personal page on Twitter.

Thus, in the case of constructing a system of tunnels within the metropolis, Musk plans to launch on them are not large cars, small platform, more like a transparent buses. These platforms move thousands of main underground channels. Due to the small size, they do not need to be a big station disembarkation of passengers, only enough area of the ground surface, comparable with one Parking spaces. “The water bus” to vertically climb to the stop and picking up new passengers, will continue its movement under the ground. Small size stops will allow you to place them significantly more often than the usual metro station.

The picture is quite fantastic. However, skeptical face looked when he offered to release personal all-electric premium car, or when he talked about launching private rockets into orbit. The situation with car traffic in cities is getting worse and without radical solutions may eventually come to a standstill.

Як «Нудна компанія» Ілона Маска змінює світ і майбутнє


While the majority of envious talk about the impossibility of realization of such large-scale infrastructure projects without public funds, the Musk is building. Now created a “Boring company”, which means “Drilling company” is completing the tunnel in Los Angeles and received the necessary documentation to start work on the underground to the airport of the city of Baltimore and downtown Washington on the East coast of the United States. The company is also eyeing the tender for the construction of underground lines between the international airport and the city of Chicago.

Although in the case of success, “Drilling company” is able to change the world of transportation, as “SpaceX” changes the space, and the Musk argues that it remains for him only a hobby, which requires just 2% of the time.

“Boring company” was founded in 2016, but the idea of tunnels Musk hatched another five years before that. He actively tried to bring to this project a like-minded person, but I couldn’t find someone willing to take the risk, therefore, undertook the work himself. “When after four or five years of constant requests from people to build tunnels I have not seen any, I thought: “Okay, I’ll build the tunnel,” said Musk at one of the conferences. According to him, frantic to see the potential of the underground movement he managed for a long time. “Whenever I gave a speech and someone asked me about the possibility in the world, I always answered, “the Tunnels. Please, someone – build the tunnels.”

Prudent, but persistent approach to Mask work illustrates one case occurred at the origin of “Drilling company”. When employed in night first suggested the idea to create on the territory of the company “SpaceX” test the tunnel, his staff said that on one only the transportation of all vehicles from the Parking lot to another location and start work you will need two weeks. But Musk said: “Let us today and see what the largest opening we can dig until Sunday, provided round-the-clock work.” Already for several hours the car was not in the earth appeared first pit.

Як «Нудна компанія» Ілона Маска змінює світ і майбутнє


Being vshalom, the Mask always puts before itself a more ambitious goal. The resulting “Drill” experience during the construction of tunnels he plans to implement during the realization of his dream of colonizing Mars. “I am convinced that the skill of digging tunnels can be very useful for Mars. <…> Using the right technology, on Mars you can build under the ground very much, so in the development of space and ground technologies there is a certain relationship,” said Musk.

Tunnels can help in the implementation of its other design – high-speed train “Hyperloop” that’s supposed to move in the vacuum to reach very high speeds (about 1000 km / h). The original plan called for the construction of this train overground tunnels, however, what prevents dig them under the ground?

With such an array of ambitious goals, the implementation of even part of the plans have already been able to arrange a technological revolution in the world. Although another translation is “Boring company” is – a “Boring company”, is bored with her will not be exact.

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