As a hobby for himself the title brought, or where to start training in “Nordic walking”

Как увлечение "для себя" чемпионский титул принесло, или с чего начать тренировки по "скандинавской ходьбе"

Recently in Kiev took place the world Cup in Nordic walking. Participation in competitions took Melitopol athletes. The guys showed class and won prizes in several categories. Back in Melitopol, the athletes were told to AK were the contests and how you can become a “Norseman”.

World Cup of Nordic walking in Ukraine held for the first time. Melitopol athletes are unable to remain indifferent to that level of competition and went to the capital to show the class and win prizes. In our team was 14 people of different ages: the youngest was 19 and the oldest is 65 years. Athletes were distributed in different categories, they participated in distances of 2, 5, 10 and 21 km.

– Competitions passed in a warm atmosphere. We have a friendly team. We worked out our route and even found time to relax. Arrived a day early. Some were the workshop of the founder of Nordic walking, Marko Kantaneva. I should note that the competition took place in a very picturesque place – the national Park “mezhigorye”, so we still enjoyed the beautiful views. Not to say that it was easy: on the course had a few challenging stages, when all the time had to go to the mountain. Despite this, all members of our team completed the route successfully, – said the head of the Department of youth and sports, the participant of the world Cup in Nordic walking Andrey Zhornyak.

Melitopoltsy showed great results. In competitions at a distance of 10 km in his age category, absolute champion Lyudmila helmers, at the same distance the second came Marina Bineva, took the championship in his age category. A good result also showed the men the distance of 21 km is completely gone Anatoly Zinchenko and Andrey Zhornyak, their results fifth and seventh places.

– I’m interested in Nordic walking a year and a half. With this activity I was introduced Andrey Zhornyak, on Sundays we went for walks in the made routes. And when he learned that Ukraine will host the world Cup in Nordic walking, I decided to take part in it. Serious training began in January. It was not just a walk, and the hard work that took place four times a week. Also, on the weekends we took their distances, – said Lyudmila Kobylianska.

She adds: when I started practicing I realized that I could do more, but the conditions were such that a change of distance failed. However, 10 km kobylyanskaya Ludmila overcame faster than anyone and won the title of champion of the world, which became for her a complete surprise.

– I absolutely did not expect such results. During training the results that I showed, was much worse. I think that the role played by adrenaline: before the start I was very nervous and it helped to show excellent results. Frankly, it was not easy! Second wind after 6 miles – I felt a surge of new forces, – says Lyudmila Kobylianska.

To stop she is not going to, because Nordic walking not only promote the new titles. According to Lyudmila, this sport has amazing effect on the body: the muscles become toned, and the extra pounds melt away – she managed to lose 4 pounds, although this purpose is not put.

– Nordic walking has many advantages. This is long-lasting physical load of low intensity, so the energy is not at the expense of the glycogen of the blood, and adipose tissue. Therefore, Nordic walking is ideal for all those who want to lose weight and keep your figure in shape. In addition, this kind of activity is applied in rehabilitation programmes, – said about the effect of Nordic walking Andrey Zhornyak.

The Scandinavians say that to their team everyone can join, at first you can do using a Hiking pole. If this sport you have to taste, it is better to buy special sticks for Nordic walking. Training is held at the stadium “Spartak”. For information, please contact the Department of youth and sports.