As a “purge” Instagram will help your mental health

Как "чистка" Instagram поможет вашему ментальному здоровью

As we all began to carry out online twice the time and catch yourself scrolling tape you can Instagram more often. It’s one thing when found the content inspiring and happy, but quite another when it’s information noise with a sad selfie friends on quarantine with the hashtag WFH. Here are 5 steps to disinfect your Instagram from unwanted objects.

When it comes to news that you follow in Instagram, inciting panic should not be confused with awareness-raising. We recommend you to select not more than 10 proven local and international news sources. If you suffer from constant news flow, then use the function “mute” and get control over time, which is given by the study of news.

When it comes to people that you follow, there are a few solutions. First, there is the feature that allows you to allow or not Instagram-stories. Secondly, it is always possible to unsubscribe from those for whom you watch less or who are afraid to offend unsubscribing. Return to them later (if you want).

This may seem too obvious, but your approach to social exclusion in social networks is a matter of personal choice. Some closest friends can feel the need to share every detail of his daily routine (including not a very useful exercise or cooking tips) in an attempt to fight boredom or loneliness, someone else can share their news or constantly make jokes.

If such content does not bring you no good, no fun, the mute feature will give you the opportunity to relax and not cause any offense. The same applies to Instagram-stories (about which we spoke in the paragraph above) – turn off the flow of information from those with whom you do not agree.

As we continue to spend more time on the phones, social networking is rapidly becoming excessive. Although logic suggests that you can expect instant response Direct, – have patience. Don’t expect a quick reply on your message and not feel obliged also to answer quickly. Give yourself the opportunity to defer a message until a more peaceful time, when answer, you will have enough strength and desire.

Sometimes the lack of post in the feed may say more than a photo or a few words underneath. For some, the isolation will be associated with maximum productivity (online or offline), but for some, the quarantine would be a personal form of self-reflection. And there is nothing wrong with what you are write about a new song or their everyday lives. Will do it later.

If you feel the need for subtle humor, visual inspiration or something else, we suggest to examine the accounts, followed by your favorite profiles. Whether courses page with collections of house plants, bright interiors or playing with Pets – it may be exactly what you’ve been missing all these days.

Text: Nassia Matsa

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Как "чистка" Instagram поможет вашему ментальному здоровью

Как "чистка" Instagram поможет вашему ментальному здоровью

Как "чистка" Instagram поможет вашему ментальному здоровью