As a result of thunderstorms in the Ivano-Frankivsk region flooded more than 100 households

В результате гроз в Ивано-Франковской области затоплены более 100 хозяйств

As a result of thunderstorms, which took place on 6 June on the territory of Kosovo, Kolomyia and tlumats’kyi districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region, were flooded more than a hundred farms. About it reports gschs.

On the territory of 3 administrative districts, 8 towns of the region – Kosovo and Verbovets’, Stopchativ, Smodna, Pistyn ‘ Kosovo district, a Large heater and Turk Kolomyia district, Dibrova tlumats’kyi district – were flooded courtyards, residential buildings and agricultural land.

According to preliminary information, in Kosiv flooded roughly 10 households, damaged the roadbed on the street Pavlika.

In the village Smodna Kosovo district flooded about 25 households in the village verbovets of the Kosovo district flooded about 100 farms, destroyed 3 road transfer to the villages Gorchakov, Kichera, Gavrila, damaged paving streets Franco, Pavlik, Galan, Lesia Ukrainka, lane Bansky.

Units office DSNS in the region, together with the communal organizations conducted 10 visits to assist the population by pumping water. 1 evacuated people from flooded homes in the village of Turka Kolomyia district.

For the works brought 10 pieces of equipment and 26 people, including regional management of gschs 9 vehicles, 9 water pumps, and 25 people of staff.

In the affected areas working groups composed of representatives of local governments to determine the volume of the negative consequences of bad weather.

Precipitation is currently stopped, the water mostly goes away from flooded areas.

В результате гроз в Ивано-Франковской области затоплены более 100 хозяйств