“As always in a swimsuit”: fans criticized the bold Buzova

"Как всегда в купальнике": поклонники раскритиковали смелый образ Бузовой

Appearance leading provoked a storm of discussions.

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Olga Buzova always chooses revealing outfits for their performances. This time, the socialite has decided to please his fans and chose a very bold look for their first after the quarantine of the concert.

The girl wore a skin-tight bodysuit, studded with stones, stockings in a large grid and a silver skirt, which soon after the beginning of the performance removed. Dark makeup with false eyelashes and long thick tail completed the image.

“I leave to You, my people. I can not believe that our meeting is going to happen. Very nervous… every time like the first… be with me every second” – turned a celebrity to fans on his page on “Instagram” (spelling and punctuation here and then saved).

Fans of the singer praised the choice Buzova. “Nice speech, girl.”, “What a body!”, “The image of a bomb, missile”, “Thank God Olga again on stage! I like to watch her lit show,” wrote in the comments.

However, not everyone liked the look of the actress. Someone criticized Olga for too revealing outfits: “Olga, again you skirt forgotten”, “As always in his underwear!”, “And as always in any bathing suit.”

The star itself does not respond to the negative commentators and gets pleasure from being on stage.

We will remind that earlier with Buzova was an embarrassment in public because of Kirkorov. The singer pulled off her dress and bared the chest of the leader.