As and when prom night in Melitopol will take place

Как и когда выпускной вечер в Мелитополе проходить будет

Next Wednesday, June 26, odinnadtsatiklassnikov will celebrate prom night. How will the feast, told in the Melitopol city Department of education.

According to the Deputy chief of goroo Helena chernyshovoy, this year the school produced into adulthood 614 guys. According to preliminary information, forty of them managed to get the coveted gold and silver medals. It is expected that gold for diligent study will reward 24, a graduate and silver 16. But these numbers may change, said Elena.

A Grand celebration of the graduates, according to tradition, will arrange in the center of the city – Victory square. This year, officials of the Department of education decided to return to the traditional script. Prom open smart graduates who will March on the Avenue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the finish of the stage, which will be placed in the square.

It was also decided, said the methodologist of gorwa Svetlana Romanenko, to honor the medalists are not in the great hall of DK Shevchenko, and all eyes are on the stage in Victory square. What other surprises have prepared the Department of education, will see Wednesday, June 26. The event is scheduled for 18.45. And at 19.30 the graduates will disperse to their schools, where they will be awarded certificates and will receive in adult life.