As “bloom” the Black sea: photo & video satellite

Как "цветет" Черное море: фото и видео со спутника

Как "цветет" Черное море: фото и видео со спутника

Now on the coast of the Black sea is the so-called “bloom” of algae. This process is so massive that it is visible even from space.

The national control centre and tests of space means the posted photos and video from the satellite, on which you can see flowering.

That shows the satellite

According to the companion, the greatest concentration of algae is happening in the resorts Lebedevka, Zatoka, Odesa, Ochakiv, South, Stanislav, Ochakov, Naked Marina and Condos.

Also with the help of images one can determine the level of contamination. As seen in the frames, the Odessa area now has a median contamination. The most polluted are the waters of lakes Sasyk, Step, AliBey, and the estuary of Dniester, and the Dnieper, Cendrowska and Dzharylgach bays.

Satellite monitoring conducted in the northwestern part of the Black sea from 28 June to 1 July.

As blooms the Black sea: live satellite

Monitoring via satellite

Earlier in the Ukrainian space Agency said that experts from the National control center and tests of space vehicles regularly monitor Ukraine from space. They analyze thousands of satellite images.

In particular, in the spring during a large-scale forest fires satellite imagery has enabled SES to effectively control and combat forest fires.

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