As day turns to night: NASA astronaut made an incredible photo from space

Как день переходит в ночь: астронавт NASA сделала невероятное фото из космоса

Astronaute NASA Kristine Koch managed to capture as the day turns to night on Earth. This picture she made while on the International space station.

The promulgated NASA website. While the author added that such a line where the borders day and night, the station gets a few times a year.

“A few times a year, the ISS coincides with the boundary of night and day over the Earth. We are constantly in the sunlight, never go into the shadows. Therefore the Earth beneath us always at dawn or dusk. A great time for cloud watching,” commented his photo Astronautics.

What is known about the new crew to the ISS. Astronaut Christine Koh and her partners – cosmonaut of the Roscosmos Alexei Ovchinin NASA astronaut Nick Hague, aboard the ISS since March 15.

As you know, Haig and Ovchinin had to get to the ISS last fall. But because of the accident of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG”, the flight was postponed. Then the capsule with the astronauts landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan.

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