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Про що свідчить здатність відчувати гусячу шкіру - 24 Канал

Often while listening to your favorite music, which is associated with pleasant memories, people can see the effect of goose skin – small bubbles at the base of the hair on the skin.

Scientists from Harvard and Oxford universities conducted a study at music festivals Redi and Leeds, writes The Independent.

They interviewed 100 people who watched the show and analyzed their physiological reactions to music. The researchers also conducted several psychometric tests in order to determine what goose bumps may indicate the person.

Про що свідчить здатність відчувати гусячу шкіру - 24 Канал

According to the survey, 55% of people feel goose bumps on the body while viewing live performances. Most often goose pimples occurs within the first minute of the performances.

The results show that those who at least once felt goosebumps at concerts, are considered to be more friendly and affectionate in a relationship.

The majority (66%) of respondents claims that during the tingling on the body they felt good mood and well-being. About good health said 46% of respondents who did not feel the effect of the goose skin.

Про що свідчить здатність відчувати гусячу шкіру - 24 Канал
55% of people feel goose bumps while watching live performances

The researchers also noted that women often are emotional responses to live music than men.

According to researchers, if you feel goose pimples bodiesin during music festivals, it means that you have a healthy and happy life.

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