As for five minutes to lower your blood pressure

Как за пять минут снизить артериальное давление

High blood pressure – a problem familiar to most modern people. The reasons are many: lack of sleep, Smoking, alcohol, stress, salty foods, excess weight.

To normalize the pressure, you need to change your diet and think about a healthy lifestyle. But it does not always help… And the chance to buy hypertension with age, only increase.

Drug manufacturers also benefit from it, inventing all sorts of magical drugs to reduce pressure, which, alas, sometimes do more harm than good. Unique natural method of lowering blood pressure. The method originates in Chinese medicine.


Points 1 and 2

The line starts just below the ear lobe and goes down the neck as shown in the figure. Don’t pull on the line, and just easily run through it from beginning to end, gently touching with the fingertips.

Repeat the procedure 10 times on both sides of the head.

Point 3

The next line starts at the ear lobe (approximately 1 cm from the ear) and moves the curve towards the nose. Easy massageri line on both sides with the fingertips.

Don’t pull on the skin. During the massage try to relax, think about positive results. This exercise for 5 minutes brings blood circulation in perfect condition: genuine and harmless way to reduce the pressure at home.

Как за пять минут снизить артериальное давление