As guests of the government: what house of Razumkov and Bogdan

В гостях у власти: какие дома у Разумкова и Богдана

After one of the briefings by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada “News” has addressed to Dmitry Razumkova to tell and show their houses and apartments. “I do quite a lot of offers from the media to show the house – with a smile said Razumkov. – In the Declaration of all specified. To visit yourself don’t ask. But you can find the house and take a picture, it’s not a problem. To tell about their assets I have no time. You can see how much work, live 24/7“.

“News” followed the advice of the speaker, and in parallel we decided to find out how looks the house of the head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan, who is already being called one of the most influential people in the country.

Declarative statements

According to the income Declaration, Razumkov and his family – the owners of a considerable number of square meters. The speaker owns a house with an area of 492 sq. m and land plot 1020 “squares” in Sofiivska borshchagivka, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district of the capital. At the Razumkov there is also a 500 sq. m land in the village of Zdorovka Vasilkovsky district, Kiev region. There is the apartment with an area of 232,5 sq. m, another – in Kiev (75 sqm) and another in equal parts with her mother, actress Natalia Curls (165,55 sq m).

Was his corner and the wife of the speaker Julia Chaika. She has two small apartments in the capital ( 44.5 and 55.2 square meters), the apartment in Nikolaev in the area of 73 sq m and the house is 490 sq. m.

Such a large number of real estate due past Dmitry Razumkov: political consultant, according to the Declaration last year, was also the ultimate beneficiary of three companies – “Interinvest XXI century”, “Ukrainian consulting group” and “Lombard “ПРО100КРЕДИТ”. And Julia Chaika belongs to the company “Biznesinvest”.

Lake and Tesla in the yard

Go on Sofiivska Borschagivka, on the street. Behind the fence you can see a large two-storey mansion of the noble blue. Ownership of the house and land Razumkov issued at the end of April 2016. According to Declaration, the value of the house is 2.9 million, and the land – 642,5 thousand UAH.

Call over the intercom to ask if the master or any of his family members. The gate opens, the middle-aged man, like a guard.

Dmitry Razumkov home or any of his family?” – we ask. The man cries: “I’m Sorry“. And closes the gate.

However, the Quad still allows you to look over the high fence. But to go too deep into the territory of drone fails: this parcel falls into the so-called zone of signal failure for quadcopters because of the proximity of the airport “Kiev”.

Next destination is the village of Zdorovka, Vasylkiv district, Kyiv region, 40 km from the capital. Here is the second largest property owned by the Razumkov. 232,5 sq. m is two-storey house with two entrances, which is divided in half for two families. Between the two parts of the thin fence. But, according to the extract from the state register of rights to real estate, it’s all officially referred to as the “apartment.”

House Razumkov

Registered this property Razumkov in 2009. Its cost at that time was 648,5 thousand UAH, and then at the old rate – about $80 thousand Next to the house is a large lake. Behind the fence you can see the BMW X5 black in colour and brand new car Tesla gray without numbers. On the website sales of new electric cars the price of such a machine – about $75 thousand, However, in the Declaration of the speaker are quite different cars: Toyota Land Cruiser 200 2013, Mazda 6 2014 and Toyota Camry 2012 V. And wife of the speaker recorded two cars: Audi Q7 2008 onwards and Volkswagen Caddy 2011 onwards

Neighbor Razumkov in the second half of the house, named Slavik, is in place.

I live next to Razumkova for several years. Recently saw him here. Dmitry is a good, good man, the father of two children (sons Alexander and Alex. – Ed.)”, says Slavik.

Wondering if he had seen here of President Vladimir Zelenskiy, Andrei Bogdan or anyone else out of power. “No comment, “- smiling, he ends the conversation Slavik and went to his car.

Bogdan Playground for parties

Unlike the speaker, the head of the Office of the President does not submit a Declaration of income. Andrey Bogdan, like all OP employees, are not civil servants, allowing them to avoid mandatory financial “Striptease”. “News” made a statement from the state register of all of the property recorded on Bogdan. As it turned out, in the past, the lawyer of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky owns a mansion in the village of Kozin Obukhov district, Kyiv region, where is also the home of the former President of Petro Poroshenko. The area of Bogdan cottage is 560 sq. m.

“News” went to the famous Kozin, where it inhabits almost the entire Ukrainian elite. Two-storey mansion of Andrew Bogdan is located in the residential complex “Infinity”. It reminds of the houses in the Dutch or Belgian style with a flat roof, on which there is a relaxation area with an area for parties and discos.

House in Bogdan Kozina where he lives also Petro Poroshenko

Andrei Iosifovich not home, if he wants, he will show you the house, “says the guard at the gate. Who else lives in a huge house, except for the head of the Office of the President, he’s not answering.

According to the extract from the state register, Bogdan also owns office property in the capital. On the Dnieper embankment in one of the buildings he owns 650 sq. meters of nonresidential premises, which he rents. The administration of the residential complex invites us inside without a photographer. The Manager first said he did not know the tenant named Andrew Bogdan, and then suddenly remembers that Yes, Bogdan is the owner of non-residential premises in the house and passed them out, but these offices are managing no-shows.

Author: Michael Fradkin