As if Prince William has responded to the homosexuality of their children: a surprising confession

Как бы принц Уильям отреагировал на гомосексуальность своих детей: неожиданное признание

The Dukes of Cambridge has been relegated to the status of exemplary stellar parent. Prince William and Kate Middleton every time show harmony in public, gently caring for three children. But how would the members of the Royal family reacted to homosexuality descendants.

Wednesday, June 26, Prince William first visited the event organized by the LGBT community. There he met people who denied the family because of their unconventional orientation. Therefore, the representatives of the LGBT community asked how would the Duke of Cambridge acted in place of their parents, reports People.

As it turned out, Prince William and Kate Middleton have already discussed this topic. Therefore, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II has assured that neither he nor his wife doesn’t condemn the children for such a choice. Opposite the Duke of Cambridge would support children in their decision.

“I would support my children, I support all their decisions. About this topic you begin to think only after you have the baby. And I have formed a position on this issue: for me it’s absolutely fine. The only thing that worries me is how my children will react to the public. Kate and I talked a lot about how to prepare for the children. It is very important to talk about it since childhood, inspire their confidence that you will support them,” – said Prince William.

In addition, Prince William has publicly responded to the incident, which occurred in one of the London buses. Four unidentified men beat lovers girls for their homosexuality. The victims of the attack took away bags and mobile phones.

It is a pity that we don’t live in a world where everything you said, normally accepted by society. Given the social position of my family, this topic really excites me. People should not have to face hurdles, harassment and hatred in the society because of their views. We can try to fix something,
– added Prince William.