As in Melitopol power save on washing the sheets

Как в Мелитополе власть экономит на стирке больничного белья

In Melitopol city hospitals no longer laundries. Linen for the patients wash in a private firm. The situation is similar with sterilization of medical instruments. The closure of hospital laundries and the transfer of these services to outsourcing resulted in savings of budgetary funds.

Laundry linen for Territorial medical center “multi-field hospital of intensive treatment and emergency medical care” provides a private enterprise Balyan. The contract with this firm was signed on 14 January 2019. Pre-purchase this service twice exhibited at a public auction. However, those wishing to provide this service there was one incident. With him, according to article 35 paragraph 2. part 4 of the law of Ukraine “On public procurement” was conducted the negotiation procedure at the end which constituted the contract. According to the head of the Department of health Larissa Saprykinoj, this company is engaged in washing clothes exclusively for hospitals.

Since August of this year in the medical establishments of Melitopol sterilization of medical instruments also has been a private company – emergency cases. This order, the company received without bidding, as the amount docenterna – 200 thousand UAH.

In the city health Department noted that the transfer service Laundry and sterilization will result in substantial budget savings. Namely, the transfer of outsourcing Laundry to save 140 thousand UAH. for the year, and from sterilization – 113 ths.

Alas, not without its “fly in the ointment” in the economy. Due to the closure of laundries at hospitals some people will go from February 1, under the cut. From 23,5 staff units reduction be actually 9 technical staff. They are employees of TMO and the hospital, said Larisa Saprykin. However, these people gorzdravotdel promise to employ in other departments of medicine.


Outso? ring (from the English. outsourcing: (outer-source-using) use an external source and/or resource) – transfer organization under contract certain types or functions of production business activities of another company operating in the desired area.