As in the Kherson region flew the window and exploded firecrackers

Как на Херсонщине летали окна и взрывались петарды

Own negligence and carelessness became the reason of incident with two people in the Kherson region.

The first occurred in New Kakhovka. There are 58-year-old man not exploited the gas stove. The gearbox was leaking connected to the gas cylinder. So when you turn the plate bahnul so that the window in the house flew into the street, breaking into a thousand pieces. Fortunately, a gas cylinder exploded.

The owner is really lucky to be alive, because it does not receive any damage. Maybe now he realized that it is necessary to monitor the serviceability of the gas appliances.

A second case can be called tragicomic – 41-the summer inhabitant of Golaya Pristan found on the road petard. And decided, apparently, to remember his childhood and set her on fire.

Pyrotechnic means exploded from the curious in the hand, snatching a few nails and pieces of skin. Nothing, from the hospital, the victim refused. The scary thing is that adults are on their own carelessness cause yourself trouble.