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Як активний відпочинок впливає на хвороби серця - 24 Канал

Activities of daily living linked to the health of the cardiovascular system and longevity. And it does not depend on the regularity of physical exercise.

This was stated by Elin Ekblom-Bak and her colleagues from the Karolinska University hospital (Sweden), who analyzed data from more than 4 thousand inhabitants of Stockholm, whose average age was 60 years, writes Br. J. Sports Med.

In the beginning of the study was evaluated the physical activity of the volunteers, which was not associated with exercise habits in exercise and the health of the cardiovascular system based on the results of medical examinations.


Participants watched 12.5 years to record cases of cardiovascular disease and mortality.

It turned out that those participants who had a high level of physical activity in daily life, regardless of the indicators of the regularity of physical exercise achieved better metabolic risk factors compared to participants with low levels of such activity.

In addition, the risk of a first cardiovascular event and total mortality was lower among people with high levels of physical activity.


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