As my licence in China

Как сдают на права в Китае

In China you cannot drive with the international rights. Need to Chinese. But technically, if you sit behind the wheel at all without a license or with Russian rights, the likelihood that you will stop just to check the documents tend to zero.

The order on the roads watched by the cameras, and the inspectors of traffic police only go on accident. However, I will tell about the peculiarities of receiving rights.

As elsewhere it is necessary to pass the theory, a Playground and city. But in China, there is a separate theory test with pictures of traffic situations. This so-called extended theory. All the stages of the examination evaluates the computer, the person renting the city only. At each stage you need to score at least 90 points out of 100. Training in a driving school will take approximately 3 months and will manage in the sum from 600 to 1200 dollars.

At the time of the theory, for example, the camera watching your eyes and hands, and the record is saved. The cheating with your phone or the micro will not work.

On site are security cameras and sensors that control the tolerance limit.

Theory test – this is essentially the same set of issues that we do, only they have no trams, and first aid. And still a lot of useless questions that must be stupid to cram. Or, for example, there are questions that require stupid answers “Yes” or “no”. Here is an example, you must answer Yes or no:

“If the driver of the vehicle committed a major traffic accident with violation of traffic rules, entailed death of the person as a result of his escape, he faces imprisonment from 3 to 7 years.”

The correct answer is “No”, but nobody cares about what real punishment threatens the driver. You may have noticed not a normal transfer? These are questions from the extended theoretical examination. As you can see, the answer should be Yes/no.

In principle, for the theoretical examination of a typical Chinese can prepare yourself at home for 3-4 days, but foreigners will be more difficult.

To Chinese law, have come to the local registration authority, to say that you have a national law and submit several notarized translations in Chinese (the type of visa or residence permit, passport and so on).

As the national law is already there, the Playground and driving are read automatically to obtain a Chinese driver’s license remains to take only the theory.

It would seem, no problem. That’s just have to take either Chinese or English (if you’re in a small town), either in Russian or some other language from the list (if in a large city). In this translation the Chinese did not bother. Just drive everything in the Google Translator and everything. Some of the questions even impossible to understand.

About buying right… someone says that in the southern regions of China a foreigner can buy the Chinese rights for $ 1,500, but knowing the severity of the Chinese laws on corruption, I would not began to try.