As not to confuse the common cold and cancer: these symptoms should alert

Как не спутать простуду и рак: эти симптомы должны насторожить

In the season of cold is no surprise the sickness. Often we prefer proven home treatments, ignoring the need for consultation with the doctor, and even carry disease “on their feet”. Did you know that some of the characteristic symptoms of acute respiratory infections can attest to the fact that the body develops cancer? Should pay attention to the next 3.

1. Headache

Constant headaches in conjunction with eye problems (most often a sense of duality of the image) are an early sign of a tumor in the top of the head (not just in the brain).

2. Runny nose

Too long or not amenable to treatment rhinitis – an alarming symptom, even if it is not relevant to Oncology. About cancer of the nasal cavity or sinuses may indicate persistent congestion or bleeding from one side.

3. Sore throat

Frequent sore throat, difficulty swallowing and swelling in the neck, many do not notice or ignore. This, like shortness of breath, change in voice, bad breath, may indicate cancer of the larynx.

In addition, there are several cancer symptoms that we tend to associate with cancer, though it is often established they are:

non-healing ulcers in the oral cavity;

recurring bloating upon consumption of certain foods;

the presence of blood in the stool;

a too rapid saturation of the food;


the change of routine emptying of the body;

feeling short of breath;

heavy sweating during sleep;

constant heartburn;

the appearance of seals anywhere on the body;

skin rash of unexplained nature.

The appearance of any of the above symptoms does not necessarily indicate cancer development. However, do not delay your visit to your doctor if you have any suspicions on this score. Most forms of the disease respond well to treatment provided the earliest detection.