As Olga Cybulski looked in my childhood: funny pics

Ukrainian singer Olga Cybulski has pleased fans with archival image, which still did not appear in the network. Funny stuff caused a real stir on her instagram page.

Now Olya Cybulski – one of the most successful singer of domestic show-business. After winning the “American idol” in 2007, she was actively involved in vocal career, recording dozens of songs. In addition, Olga Cybulski realized itself as leading: behind the stars of the TV show and the prestigious award, which only added to her popularity. No less successful is the celebrity blog, where she daily shares her personal staff. Recently there appeared a photo that missed the attention of fans of the artist.

Olga Cybulski decided to show how it looked in childhood. On a black and white frame little dances in front of camera parents. The photo was symbolically published on December 14, as it was the day Olya Cybulski celebrated 34 years.

“I – 34! Mom says 3+4 is 7, and my dad said, “Listen to your mother” – with humor wrote Olga Cybulski.

This is not the first archive photo shared by Olga Cybulski with fans. Earlier she told me how she started her vocal career and how persistent was her way to the big stage. According to Oli Cybulski, it happened that she tearfully left the competitions, without knowing their results.

His first vocal competition waited impatiently. The main reason was the microphone. I never sang… I was declared, gave up the microphone. I started to perform the Ukrainian folk song, but went leading and took the microphone… At that moment I very strongly cried. Are unable to finish singing the song till the end and left this contest
recalled Olga Cybulski.

And here already at school age, the future artist easily conquered the stage. Then Olga Cybulski taught the chords of songs from TV shows and willingly acted in his native Radivilov.

“One of my first vocal competitions. I’m on stage city school sing for four judges. Such a radyvylivs’kyi “X-factor”. In hall 5 of us, and I imagine that giving a solo concert in the “Palais des sports” with complete sold out. Internet we did not exist, therefore, to learn the song for performance, we classmate-keyboardist read the program guide in the newspaper, looking for a gig and picked up the chords just from the screen. If you do not have time – waited a week until the next broadcast,” she recalled.

But that vocal competitions which was a fiasco or victory, was a kind of steps in achieving dreams. Therefore, Olga Cybulski does not regret that went all the way in my 34 enjoy likes.