As once and for all overcome the fear of flying in aircraft

Как раз и навсегда преодолеть страх перед полетом на самолете

Few for whom the flights are enjoyable. Air travel, statistically, is not the most dangerous, as mistakenly believed by many people. This opinion was formed due to the fact that the crash always actively highlighted in the media. In fact, the leader in the number of accidents and catastrophes – automobile transportation. However, how not to be afraid to fly on a plane if looking at the plane you are seized by anxiety?

Aerophobia is out of control, despite the fact that the theoretical chances of dying in a plane crash at times lower than, for example, in a car accident. But the fear of collapse is not the only phobia passengers. Many people are afraid of enclosed space and feel in the cabin as prisoners in the cell.

As well as a potential source of fear of flying could be the fact that people just never did. Or the fear of the development of phobias (fear of fear).

So, what tools will help not only to overcome the fear of flying, but nice to pass the time in the troposphere.

Something to occupy time during the flight?

The good news: aerophobia curable. Moreover, the drugs for this unpleasant condition are not bitter pills, and the following tools:

• A nice companion. Communication in the company of someone also trying to pass these two (three, four) hours of the flight, will make time flow faster and distract from bad thoughts.

• A fascinating book. Will help to plunge into another reality and not to focus on the engine.

• A thrilling movie. Movies on Board – a great idea, so the flight time passed faster. Just do not watch the movie about the plane crash, otherwise you will never cease to be afraid to fly a plane:)

• Loud sounding music. Better to listen to good music than to listen, how to operate the turbine or to convert the air holes.

• A variety of classes. The flight time can pass, a snack once or twice, walking to the bathroom, the plan for the next day or doing your favorite hobby. Moreover, it is helpful to think about what you will do when you arrive at the place.

• Availability of Wi-Fi on Board the aircraft. This progress will allow to work productively, to enjoy (to visit the social. network) and forget about where you are.

The best option to survive the flight – asleep in the chair

Someone resorts to breathing exercises (deep breathing with pauses in a certain rhythm, like in yoga).

There are sedative drugs designed specifically for sleep on Board the airliner.

Some to sleep on the plane, resorting to the help of alcohol. Quite a controversial option.

Everything else, if you want to stop being afraid to fly on an airplane, you need to work with his fear. There are several methods resorted to few.

Get familiar with your aircraft

Knowing the laws of aerodynamics and design (in General) of an aircraft, you will feel more confidence and without fear will entrust the aircraft life. Because understand: modern aircraft do not fall from the wind or from the fact that on Board too many passengers. The Airliners are so automated that able to land on their own.

To fly a training aircraft (as a passenger, of course)

For this purpose there are flying clubs where pilots practice maneuvers during the flight. Take this “flight” as the attraction. Having practical experience of flying, you are braver will step aboard a real aircraft.

Fly business class

Well, or at least first class. Much more comfortable, stretched out at full length in a comfortable chair and relax to some good music, you just forget what it means to be afraid to fly, and even experience the pleasure of flying on the plane.