As Prince Harry and a pregnant Megan Markle congratulated the Queen on holiday

Как принц Гарри и беременная Меган Маркл поздравили королеву с праздником

The Dukes of Sussex have a somewhat strained relationship with Queen Elizabeth II – according to insiders of the Western media. So whenever possible, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is trying to establish a relationship with her.

Sunday, April 21, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating its 93rd anniversary. Her Majesty celebrates the date in public, and spends the day alone with his family. But the noisy holiday Brits look forward to in early June: it was then that the monarch organises a solemn parade involving dozens of officers and a Grand concert.

Royal family of Elizabeth II has already managed to congratulate her happy birthday during the Easter service. But Meghan Markle, who missed worship because of the last days of pregnancy, I decided to publish on Instagram-page of the nagging message. On my own behalf and Prince Harry were published on a greeting, to which was attached archival photo of Queen Elizabeth II.

Happy birthday, Your Majesty, Madam, grandma. We wish you a wonderful day! Harry and Megan,
gently was written by the Dukes of Sussex.

Wayward Meghan Markle often has a conflict with the representatives of Kensington Palace. In the last months of her pregnancy she ceased to perform your Royal duties, declaring on maternity leave. However, the Duchess of Sussex was not more rest, but at once addressed to Her Majesty with a request to gain independence from the Palace. However, such treatment of Elizabeth II, has been evaluated as the first step to the destruction of the monarchy.

Despite the veto of the British Queen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has got little independence: the network they have created an official page where you inform your fans about scheduled events.